Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lots of pictures

Spring break isn't really a break for the professors I know. If you are on Quarters, you are finishing up one term and going 100 miles an hour to get ready for the next one. If you are on semesters, you're taking a deep breath before the wind down to summer. In fact, the thought of summer is the only thing keeping me going. Summer and Memorial day, actually.

The conference deadline isn't helping, but I think my work on those papers is pretty much done.

My coffee date got cancelled yesterday, so since it wasn't raining (it is supposed to rain all day today) I bopped out to see the alpacas. It was great to see everyone looking dry and fluffy. We'll shear in about a month. Tink 'spit off' when I was in Boston, as did the other two girls who are pregnant*.

Speaking of alpacas:

These socks came from my twinnie. If she keeps this up, I will be clad head to toe in alpaca gear. Thank you Kim!

Twinnie also sent this yarn:
The yarn is called Twinnie! And the color is Wonka Bar! Kim has some too and we're having a KAL and knitting the same pattern: the coastal shell cap. Because we both love coasts and shells.

I finished these socks yesterday:
These are the underwhelming dragon scale socks. Meh. But I do kind of like the colors. I have enough left over for mitts.

Back to break work now!

*Female alpacas ovulate on demand, and so you always must separate the males and females unless you want to breed. One sign that females are indeed pregnant is if they spit at a male that gets too close to them. So Ann 'spit tests' the girls by putting them in a small pen and then bringing any of her males into the pen. Hopefully much spitting ensues.


kathy b said...

I want this year's pregnancy to result in a healthy wonderful mom and cria foryou

KSD said...

"Hopefully much spitting ensues" is going down in my Favorite Phrases list.