Saturday, March 18, 2017

Not much to see today

It is a rainy Saturday. Again.

Spring is coming so late here---the grape hyacinths are just starting to come up, and they are usually up toward the end of February. My daffodils finally bloomed, and whatever tulips are going to bloom seem a week or two away. Deer have eaten most of them (after being spared last year). Sigh.

I've knit on this.

As I mentioned, I need to color block this since I only have random balls of Rowan Calmer left. I thought I could do it with two colors but it looks like I'm going to need three colors (and maybe even four colors, as I only have one ball of one color so the top stripe might be pale pink in the back and white in the front). We'll see.

Here are a few life catch ups (if you came just for knitting you are welcome to go now):

-Reading: I read "Old School" by Tobias Wollf (I'm going through a bit of a literary boarding school phase), it was a good story. Before he was well known, Tobias Wollf came to a short story writing class I had as an undergrad--I think he was buddies with the professor, who I think was (at the time) editor of a literary magazine called TriQuarterly.  Now I'm reading "The Chilbury Ladies' Choir" which by its description sounds like another Plucky British Women During the War novel, but it seems to be a bit more than that. Plus, I love the structure of the book, it is an epistolary novel (and yes, I had to google it because I knew the phrase started with epis but then couldn't remember exactly what it was) (and in defense of my ignorance, it isn't like that is a phrase I toss around all the time). It is good. More on that as I get further in.

-Knitting: going to dive into the stash to figure out what to take for plane knitting this week when I go to Boston. I think I'll probably cast on for another One and Done and want to see if I have any STR in my stash.

-Indie dyers--I haven't bought sock yarn for a while as my stash is quite complete, thank you, so I haven't really been tracking the success (or lack of same) of indy dyers. But the other day I pulled something out of my stash and wanted to see if it was self-striping or variegated. I googled it (and Rav-ed it) and found the dyer was out of business. I then randomly pulled out some other yarns and found that those dyers had gone out of business as well. I then checked out a good online store, Loopy Ewe, and saw that their list of dyers was much, much shorter than my recollection of their stock when I regularly shopped there. And then looking around Rav, I noticed that several indie dyers (and a bigger yarn company, Fiesta) are out of business. And sadly, some of these go out of businesses with unfilled orders (and angry customers).

It seems like one of the biggest problems is with yarn clubs---dyers 'sell' slots in a yarn club upfront, get the $, and the down the line find that they can't fulfill the orders from the club.  Now of course this doesn't happen with all yarn clubs--and this has never happened to me, knock wood (although there are other reasons why yarn clubs just aren't for me). So I feel bad about dyers going out of business, and I wish there was some sort of business training for people so they wouldn't get into this bind. It is always, always challenging for artists to run the 'business' side of their company. I do wonder if we are moving away from an indie dyer situation in the knitting world.

-House: we had another meeting with the architect yesterday afternoon (our second this week) and the inside is almost where it needs to be. We also saw some preliminary drawings for the outside. It is moving fast and is very exciting!

-Boston: I go to Boston next week for a conference. In addition, I'm reconnecting with old friends from the six years I lived there. I'm excited to see them, especially my friend Elizabeth (I was her maid of honor).

That's it from here!

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kathy b said...

You will have fun in BOSTON! Wishing you a fantastic trip. As for the indie dyers you have a great point. I have to touch the yarn first, in most cases, so that prevents me from buying it online. I am close to yarn shops though so I can see for time issues and distance Indie would be fun.