Tuesday, March 28, 2017

One (more) and done

Today is the second day of spring break and so far it looks like this break will be a catch up for work punctuated by little period of fun. Ah well. The challenge of the quarter system.

A conference deadline is Saturday and I'm working on three different papers in three different capacities--one is pretty much done, one is about 80% done and the other--I'm not sure. I'm not even planning on going to the conference, truth be told, but I told others I would help them out. So yesterday I caught up on all the stuff that fell between the cracks while I was gone.

I did do a bit of work on the second one and done:
This is in a bamboo cotton blend which should work for spring, hopefully.

OH also yesterday I did some clothes shopping. Spring work clothes here are hard--the temps can swing 30 degrees in a day, so it is hard to find clothes that work well in those situations. Plus, I'm not really comfortable wearing anything other than black and blue so that works against me as well. But I went to J Jill at the mall and tried on a bunch of stuff, ended up with three dresses (one black but sleeveless, one black with flowers, one grey and white) and a blue floral skirt, so I should be set. I teach M-Thurs in Spring so that means four days of 'professional' wear as opposed to the two or three I regularly have.

Today's plans: work on a tenure and promotion review, work on a call for papers for a special issue I"m going to edit, and meet my friend Lauren for coffee later in the afternoon. I started a new book--it is a series and it might just a young adult series--called Ink and Bone---kind of Harry Potter ish so I like it so far.


kathy b said...

Great minds think alike . I'm all about a cotton blend shawl right now! Wheeee. Our temps swing greatly during the day too here. Shawls are great for these days! Glad to hear JJILL came through for you. Calvin Klein comes through for me, but I have to get it on sale!

kayT said...

I just came in to say shawls are perfect for cold/hot/cold days -- but I was beaten to the punch! Anyway, Shawls!