Thursday, March 09, 2017


Tuesday afternoon something went wrong, tummy wise. I was fine for the first half of Tuesday but by the time Tim got home I was doubled in half on the sofa, with chills.  Tuesday night I slept quite fitfully and at 4:30 am got up and cancelled my 8am class and my morning appointments--the chills were gone but my tummy still hurt a lot. I felt a bit better Wednesday late morning so went in for a meeting and then a meeting with an architect (more on that later). Today my tummy is still quite tender (I skipped exercising, but would use just about any excuse to skip that!) but I slept well last night so feel a bit better today.

I think it was only the third time I cancelled class in 25 or so years of teaching so I felt OK about it. 

I could only concentrate on the most basic knitting:

I did go through patterns on Tuesday to see what to start next but nothing really 'spoke' to me. Of course that will change though! I might just do my own take on Zigzagular with some other type of pattern on the side.

So the BIG NEWS is that Tim and I met with the architecture firm who is going to design our new house! We are going to build a house on the Oregon coast on the property we've owned for a long time--we've been saving our pennies for a while and are now ready to begin! We met the architect a while ago at a Home Show and he and Tim (and our builder, who is out on the coast) got together a few weeks ago to visit the site and to have a powwow. He has great ideas (his name is Nir, by the way) and his firm does gorgeous work, so we are glad to be moving forward. Stay tuned!


kathy b said...

Kim, so glad you stayed home and took care of you!!! Chills are not fun and signal a need for rest!

I was at a loss for a project after the mitten finish. I found a cowl at our LYS knit group yesterday. it is called RAIN, so that's got me excited for knitting today.

Your home building coming to fruition is wonderful news. Cannot wait to follow along! Do tell!

fillyjonk said...

that sounds very much like a bug I had a couple weeks ago. I also got muscle aches with it...thought my stomach was going "bad" on me again (like last year) but apparently it was just a stupid virus. The good news is it's over fairly fast and you get better.

Congratulations on the house!

Bonny said...

Exciting and wonderful news! (The architect and house, definitely not the stomach issue.)

KSD said...

Oh, yeah --- any ol' excuse to skip exercise, right? ;)

What great news on the house! Congratulations.