Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wrapping up Winter

Winter term, that is. My last class was yesterday morning, and I spent quite a bit of time grading projects and calculating participation grades. This was one of the lowest performing upper level classes I've ever taught--the students almost never read comments on written work, so the work didn't improve one week to another. I even encouraged them to read the comments. Oh well, horse, water etc.

My colleague Nicole and I had a chapter accepted for a book, which is nice--we're 'double dipping' with a conference paper we're writing. There's a nice pipeline out there for me which is good, because honestly nothing is more fun in my job than getting a notice that your paper or chapter was accepted. I've had a good run this year (sabbatical a year ago, thank you) and have had seven or eight acceptances this year. That will slow down considerably now. But that's fine.

We met again with the architects yesterday and they had some preliminary sketches. They are looking good--we asked for some tweaks (actually, it was more "take this side of this plan and this side of this plan and mush them together") which they seem fine with. And Tim got in touch with the guy who sells Tulikivis (they are big fireplace/heaters: and they are having a sale so we can get the Tulikivi we want on sale. So that's good news.

And the tax return is in.

I'm working on the summer top that Kathy did:

I'm using Rowan Calmer in two shades of blue (even though this looks more grey, I'll show pictures with the lighter yarn next time). I will do a color block because I don't have enough of one color in the stash and I really want to get stash knit down. This is a good 'mindless knitting' project and hopefully it will be done so I can wear it this summer.

How are you?

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kathy b said...

Oh yours is going to be awesome too! Isnt' it a nice pattern?
Happy done with taxes time.
IM good. We didnt get that much snow, just a few inches. Sun is out. 50s by Sunday. More light in the evenings! Doc appt and visiting mom later. Hope shes happy today. last week she just slept and II let her.