Monday, April 03, 2017

April Quora

 Today is the first Monday in April AND it is the first day of spring term. Sadly, I have another stomach issue that kept me up half the night.  Luckily, my class is at 4pm so I could stay in bed a bit longer this morning (wonderful Tim took care of animals and other morning stuff).

And Kathy of course has a Monday Quora to celebrate April! She asks:

*What’s your safe place in turbulent weather? We don't have turbulent weather. The worst that happens is a thunderstorm once a year. Or wind storms, and the electricity goes out. There has been one tornado since I've been here and we're too far north for hurricanes.
*Are you more likely to alter a pattern or stick right to the instructions?  For shawls, I'll often alter. For other things I'll tend to stick.
*Would you rather a hottub or a cold pool? Hot tub.
*What was the name of a pet you grew up with? Jon Jon. He was a westie named after John Kennedy.
*How many knit dishcloths do you use, or have on hand? None. I think I lost my knitting credentials.
*Have you ever been give an trophy? I don't think so.
*Would you rather knit, under a shady tree, poolside or beside a roaring fire? All three sound lovely, actually, but I'll pick fire.

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kathy b said...

Yup, you better knit a dishcloth pronto ! So sorry for your tummy troubles. Feel better soon!