Sunday, April 30, 2017

Beautiful day

Yesterday Tim and I took a whole day off and went to the coast. It was a perfect day--sunny with high clouds, temps in the low 60s, almost no wind. We got there after the tide went out and it was delightful to walk on the packed down sand. We took the dogs, of course, and probably walked for almost an hour on the beach.

This was at the start of the walk, we ended up taking off caps and gloves by the end of the walk.

It was a great day for beachcombing as well.

After the beach we went into Florence and had lunch at Bridgewater, where we both had delicious crab melts. There's something about eating a crab melt where you can just tell the crab got caught a few hours earlier. It was delicious.

Then we got the dogs out of the car (they didn't come to lunch) and took a walk around Florence, because it was just that nice of a day.

I spent quite a bit of time knitting in the car on the way there (about 90 minutes). If I needed a crop top, Cullum would be done:

But it is on its way.

Tim found a video yesterday of a rug made out of felted wool that looks like stones. He wants to make this, and we have quite a bit of raw materials around the house (understatement). He took a stab (pun not really intended, but if you needle felt you'll see how punny it is) and did four last night:

Yesterday was forecast to be the nicer of the two days this weekend, so we went to the beach then, and today is my birthday (we originally thought we'd go to the beach today to celebrate but pivoted once we saw the forecast). We're going out to dinner tonight and had presents at breakfast--Tim gave me a beautful and delicate necklace which I love. It is a low key birthday which is pretty much exactly what I want today.


kathy b said...

Happy Happy Birthday Kim. So glad you got to the beach . A rug made out of felted wool that looks like stones???? I want to know MORE

kayT said...

Happy birthday.

How does one fasten those felted wool "stones" together? Yes, we all want to know MORE.

KSD said...

Well done, Tim!