Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Monday Quora

WARNING! Kathy's blog will make you hungry.

But still, she has questions. And I have answers!

*Easter goodies surrounded me yesterday like yarn in a yarn store.|
 I caved for the cookies.  Did you indulge in any sweets this weekend?

YES! We had decided to skip the baskets but I did make a chocolate cheesecake for dessert. It was terrific! I used this recipe but used chocolate wafers instead of oreos.

*I’m mailing my Motherbearproject bears off today.  I’m ready to knit some fingerless.  Do you have a favorite thumb gusset for fingerless?

I didn't know there were multiple kinds of thumb gussets. 

*I could never hula hoop for long, could you?
No I could not!
 Have you been watching April the giraffe and her baby delivery?
No but I saw the cute 'mama kissing baby' photo.

*The malted milk ball dump cake was just okay.  I made another dump cake with berries, yellow cake and lemon lime soda.  It was fantastic.  It may not look as nice, but I bring food to parties in disposable containers.  No fuss for the host or me afterwards.  Do you prefer to put your contributions in a nice dish or an easy one?

I will put it in a nice one as long as I know I'll get it back.

*I am knitting a garter shawl in Noro cotton.  Don’t tell the shawl.  Garter and I usually don’t do well.  It is a small shawlette and it will be great for next to my neck chill chasing.  I’ve finally found a Noro yarn that I like a lot.  Have you tried their cotton blend yarn?

Yes, I did a drop stitch scarf with it and I  liked it.

*The Ravelry Motherbear group threads were a huge help to me while knitting the bears. Lots of great tips.  I think this is one of the best parts of Ravelry.  So much information is out there for us for free.  Do you study project pages comments on Ravelry before casting on? I do.

Sometimes I do, but generally no. Maybe I should!

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kathy b said...

Your cheesecake sounds just amazing.