Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Faits Accomplis

Pretty sure I"m not using that term right, but ah well.

Sometimes I wonder why I feel so out of breath and then I realize that things just are always going on with no time to reflect or plan ahead or process--just keep pushing on. Especially during spring term, when every week brings some sort of fresh hell to address. But I did take some time this weekend to do things to nurture the hearth and home and, as a result, my soul:

1. I cleaned the patio--with the ice storms on top of regular fall detritus the patio was a bit of a mess. I filled up 2/3yard waste toter with pine needles, pine cones, weeds, and dead leaves--and a bit of moss that I think the sun has to take of instead of me. I also washed off patio chaise longues (fancy name for patio furniture) so those are ready for use. And I cleaned up the dogs' area. You know what that is a fancy name for, I"m sure.

2. This.

I've technically reached the end of it but I still have some of that beaded silk left (in all three colors) so I'm going to keep going on it and make it bigger. It is silk so it is very lightweight.

3. I finished "Foreign Affairs" and read the first of the INspector Wexford books by Ruth Rendell. I've read a few of them here and there but I thought maybe the first book would give all kinds of insights into Inspector Wexford and maybe I should read them in order. Not so much. So that will go to the neighborhood Free Little Library.

4. Cleaned the closet and drawers--filled up two giant bags for the Goodwill. I'm going to do some serious paring down this summer--I just have too much stuff. I'm seeing dents in my (too big) yarn stash as well. I'm at a good place in my life where I don't need stuff--it doesn't take the place of a good snuggle with the dogs, a walk with Tim, or quiet time outside listening to birds. I am so happy to be at this place!

5. Read and commented on the second drafts of not one but two dissertations.

6. Started on revisions of a paper for the best journal in my field. I was invited to submit with the caveat 'even though we're inviting you and want you to be in the issue we will send it out for review and nothing is guaranteed'.  So I got the reviewer responses back and it is accepted pending some revisions which will be pretty easy to do---just kind of time consuming. I have a bit of time this week to do those--next week is another 42 paper week so that will be a bit busy.

Onward we go!


elns said...

Yes, I know that feeling. Just got push forward, just got to get through this week's hitlist. etc. Momentum is good but it's exhausting sometimes. I'm glad you got a chance to catch up and clear some stuff out. I think that is a great spirit raiser. I need some of that.

kathy b said...

Glad you will get published in the best journal in your field. THat's saying something! Amazing Kim.
Glad you got some dirt under your fingers after a long winter. !!! I dont need much stuff either. But I do need yarn