Friday, April 07, 2017

I hate gauge

Well I don't really hate gauge--I mean it isn't really something with a soul or something that is actively working to upset me or cause me harm. I just hate it when I think I've got gauge and then I don't.

I hate swatching, but I do swatch for big projects. And this project--Cullum--started with a shoulder piece that is an accurate representation for swatching. But somewhere along the line it all went bad. So I've been tweaking and reverse engineering and trying to get this together so it will fit me and not someone who weight 800 pounds which was the direction it seemed to be going:

And after all that ranting, all I have to show you is a handful of stockinette. Sorry.

Today is a weird day--very very windy and Pilot freaks out in the wind. Tim is at a symposium at the UO all day--I've accomplished a few small tasks and will try to focus myself to do some other stuff. I did get a lot of stuff done this week and I'm using this 'pre grading' period of the term to get some writing stuff done, so yay me!

My sleep schedule is still kind of a wreck but maybe I'll sleep a bit this weekend.

This post seems a bit manic. For this, I apologize.


kathy b said...

Mania often follows serious ripping out of knitting for me !
Sleep schedule can wreak havoc with your day sched.
I realized that we actually sleep more than we thing we do. Even when I had to work night shift for 3 years as a nurse, Just lying quietly breathing had to be rest enough sometimes. I tried not to focus on the clock. I do believe, for me, that sleep begets sleep. So a nap will lead me to better sleep later.

elns said...

Wishing you a good sleep. I am WAY too familiar with that space. And I don't care if gauge is actively working against me or is working an outline for world peace. I pretty much hate it too for all my own necessary reasons. It always sneaks up on me when I think I can .. make it work. ha! Even w/socks!