Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday Quora

Today she asks:
1* When are you most hungry?  Morning , Noon or Night?
Probably late afternoon because I forget to eat sometimes on my teaching days. Then I'm ravenous before dinner, and then I kind of ruin dinner.
2* Are you still eating Easter Candy?
Nope--we avoided candy (well, Tim bought me two little bunnies and we ate those--I think?)
3* Do you keep a shawl or wrap in your car?
This question just makes me laugh, given all the dog hair in the car!
4* Have you ever knit a snood?
This question just makes me laugh. Um, no.
5* What’s a neighbor’s most annoying habit?
Our one neighbor has a motion light and that gets annoying. She also just cut down a bunch of arborvitaes that used to block the light, so the annoying factor has increased. 
6* What’s the population of your town?
7* What did you knit on this weekend?
On Callum and on the shawl I'm working on.
8* Have you ever ridden a tandem bike?
9* Laundry: top load or front load?
Front load! It really does keep your clothes looking nicer longer.
10.* Price of your last haircut?
FREE! Tim cuts my hair.


zippiknits...sometimes said...

Um what is a snood? hehehe

kathy b said...

I wish I had a chocolate rabbit. I'd remember that! I miss chocolate around the holidays, but I get too upset if I burn my points too fast! I love that Tim cuts your hair! Fireman has a big issue with over trimming our trees I dont dare give him a scissors