Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Must make

I must make these:

The recipe is posted at the Mollie Makes blog. I love how cute foxes are, I have the correct color of yarns in my stash, and I have slipper bottoms that need tops. I will also need some quick/fun patterns sometime soon, so I'm so excited to see this free pattern posted! FOXES!

I have to say, I have a love/hate relationship with Mollie Makes. I should love it, since it is british and crafts and colorful and they always give you some free craft project--ALL OF THE STUFF YOU NEED--with every issue (I think--I maybe only bought four or five issues).

I once spent three hours tracking down a cute pair of shoes shown in an editorial photo for--something---like 'make your own mini chicken coop out of fairy dust and toilet paper cores' and the shoes just happened to be in the picture.  The magazine is styled beautifully.

But who has the time to be Mollie? If you are well off enough to have a house full of Cute then you probably either have kids or a job, and when do you do the crafts? I have a job but not kids, and I'm lucky if I get an hour of knitting in every day.

And the people who are profiled in the magazine are adorably talented and british, and crafting is their JOB so they have this 'la la la I live in a house full of cute in the wilds of Aberdeenshireblywaite and I'm inspired by the tiny pieces of lint in the dust free corners of my lovely cottage'.

Um, jealous much Kim Knits? Yes, I'm jealous. I want to be Mollie, and I will never be.

But I'll knit her damn fox slippers.


kathy b said...

Id' miss you if you were Mollie. I love Kim ,just the way she knits

fillyjonk said...

Yeah, I feel you on that. I look at so many of the "lifestyle" things and go, "I wish I were that cool" or "I wish I was having that much fun." Even as I realize most of it's so much horsefeathers and they're not showing the messy side of things....

KSD said...

Toilet paper rolls? I was using paper towels --- no wonder the damn thing wouldn't stand.

Caffeine Girl said...

Mollie is just too good, isn't she? She mastered every craft and built an empire on our crafty loves. Why didn't I think of that?