Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Tuesday stuff

The first day of spring term was--well let's say---rocky. I couldn't sleep Sunday night because of a tummy ache and felt completely wiped out yesterday. Tim dropped me off around noon, puttered around the office organizing stuff for the term, did the 4pm class and that was all OK. Today is my class from 2-3:30 and I slept much better last night.

Spring: finally we had sun over the weekend and things are blooming:

This is the magnolia tree outside my office. It usually blooms mid-March so we are about two weeks behind blooming wise. The tulips are also blooming and I'll take some photos of those for you soon.

Knitting: The Dolphin Cowl. I found some yarn that seems sort of cotton-like in the stash, so I started knitting that up. I'm not that far along, mostly because there is a picot edge on it that took a while. I like the colors a lot.

Watching: we just finished an Australian series called "Winter"--it was a police procedural. It was on the Acorn channel. It was pretty good.

Reading: Life at the Dakota--about the history of the Dakota apartment building in New York.

Happy Tuesday!


Bridget said...

Your cowl should be lovely in those pretty spring colors!

kathy b said...

What' s with all of us having tummy bugs? me too. last night. :(
You are in bloom!!!!!!! We are not. :( We are expecting a wintry windy uncertain mix for the next 24 hours. I dont dare go to knit group as we have been warned we could go in with calm skies and come out with no visibility. Fireman and I have a movie to watch: Darkhorse. A documentary. And my knitting is ready !!

kathy b said...

Oh And I DO LOVE your cowl and a picot edge

elns said...

I'm sorry it was a bit of a rough start for Spring Term. The colorway to the cowl are beautiful. It's going to knit up fantastic. Thanks for the tip on the Australian procedural. I watch Dr. Blake and Ms. Fisher's and that other husband wife team whenever they are own PBS over here. Best knitting companions ever. pBS mysteries hehe