Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Getting it done

 Cullum is almost done--please forgive the awful photo:

There's a fancy bottom of lace edging and then some more stockinette and then I'm done. I might even get it finished today, as my class is cancelled for today and I'll have some extra time at the end of the day. Class is cancelled since half of the students in my department are on a trip to New York and so I cancelled today's class but will have class on Thursday.

I've mostly been working on this top, as it is very close to being done and I'm very close to being done with it. I like it though--the linen is kind of fun to knit with and it should be a nice top for summer.

Because summer is coming! After a brief peak at summer last week, we are in the midst of spring--40s in the morning and 70s in the afternoon. Thank goodness for leggings!

Not much else to report--I'm sure I've been doing things but the thought of formatting a ton of references is looming and now I will go do that.

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kathy b said...

I for one, cant wait to see you finish that gorgeous top. the collar/neck line is just so lovely