Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hello summer!

It is hard to believe that the cold and rainy weather is gone, but it looks like it might be. Yesterday was almost 90 out (class outside) and today is supposed to be in the mid 80s (class will be outside). It is really hard to teach when it is so nice out. What am I saying, it is hard to concentrate when it is so nice out!

We took advantage of the first nice weekend--we weeded on Saturday and kayaked on Sunday. It was our 'shake down' cruise---we went to the canoe canal where we stretch out our muscles and become amazed that we haven't forgotten how to paddle after a long winter.  We came back from the kayak and drank shandies on the patio and that was lovely as well.

I finished this scarf--it is blocking right now and looks good.

I also decided to try Summer Book Bingo again this year--here's my card:
I am not good at Summer Book bingo.

Back to grading!

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KSD said...

"I am not good at Summer Book bingo" made me laugh out loud.