Thursday, May 25, 2017

In a calmer place

This week was frantic. Grading, reading theses and things, prepping, running over to the architect's to look at some changes to the house plans---just a lot was going on during the first part of the week. Yesterday Tim went to an overnight conference and that added in an additional level of stress (taking care of dogs and cat on a day when class tends to go til 5:30 or so). I finished up class early, came home (two defenses yesterday on top of class) and chilled out by watching old episodes of Friends.

And I started this, the Morning Rays Shawl.

If you are a loyal reader of my blog, you know I love  a drop stitch. Plus I have this skein of Dashing Dachs that is in sunrise (or sunset) colors, so I thought it was a good fit. I think I'm right.

I'm kind of caught up going into the long weekend. I have class today but about a fourth of the class will be missing (because why have a three day weekend if you can have a five day weekend?). I'm kind of at the 'whatever' place with this.

The weekend is unplanned except for some errands (drugs for Stella the cat) and coffee with my friend Lauren. It is supposed to be another nice one.

To close, here is the flower garden this morning. First, the digitalis.

Two colors of bearded iris.

Poppies (say it in a Wicked Witch of the West voice, please).

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KSD said...

I thought "poppies" in the Wicked Witch voice, but I said "irises" in my Tennessee one.