Thursday, May 04, 2017

In the midst

It is kind of a middle point for me. I'm about halfway through the term and I'm in the midst of a grading frenzy. The last five (six with finals) weeks are crammed full of stuff, as well as getting summer research projects organized, but once I get through this week it will all be manageable.

Can I just say, thank goodness for daily planners. I'm old school and use a (hot pink patent leather) Filofax and I like it much better than any type of online thing that other people use. I just am not tethered to a device enough, and I am tethered to my Filofax. Yesterday I spent much of my time rescheduling student presentations for the last few weeks of school and it all went fine. I know when students need to reschedule they get pretty freaked out so if my Filofax provides the illusion of calm and control, well, that makes me happy.

This week I have 23 2 page papers, 18 5 page papers and 7 group projects to grade. The group project presentations are today, and the rest of the papers are (mostly) in and  (somewhat) graded. In the next five weeks, I have two doctoral dissertation defenses and six honors thesis defenses. Plus two honors prospectus presentations. 

Yesterday, though, as the 5-pagers were submitted in drips and dabs, I got a second research project organized for the summer. So this gives me three projects for the summer: the revision of the book "Hitting the Sweet Spot" and two research projects about 1. perceptions of Hello Kitty Makeup and 2. framing of news articles on the Hawaii Sunscreen ban.

I love research, because I can do nutty stuff.

In other news:

1. I'm reading "The Circle" and it is very good.
2. We're watching Season 3 of "The Affair" and it is very sinister.
3. I recorded "Victorian Slum House" and am eager to watch it because I love those british reenactment shows and lord knows the US would never do a series like that "Chicago Housing Project House" isn't going to get a lot of viewers, although I think it would be funny.
4. Weather is gorgeous, I had class outside yesterday.

And this.

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kathy b said...

Okay I have to go look up Filofax. I think I may wantneed one!