Monday, May 29, 2017

Qu qu qu qu quora!

Happy Memorial Day! We are having a quiet day, although I may make a chocolate silk pie for dinner just because I can. Yesterday we hung out, walked, I read and knit, and then we watched "Bloodline" on TV.

Kathy has questions.

Monday Q and A:
*Is there a person you think of on Memorial Day who served and gave a life? I'm not sure I know anyone who died in battle, but I'm thinking of my friend Eli's stepdad who contracted Agent Orange in Viet Nam recently died from Parkinson's. He'll be buried in Arlington National Cemetery this summer.
*Do you have a patriotic dessert ? Ha no I don't. I didn't even grow up in a household where we had a patriotic dessert!
*Will you see fireworks or hear them tonight? No thank goodness---Pilot the dog gets completely freaked out by fireworks. We have a law here that the only days fireworks are legal are 7/3-5 and New Year's Eve. Mostly, I think, because we can get so dry here in the summer that they become very dangerous.
*What is something you have created in red, white and blue? I  might have some socks? I don't really know. I don't sound very patriotic, do I? This trend will continue.
*Have you ever grilled something that was a flop? I'm not a great cook, but I can grill pretty well. I'm sure I made something that fell apart, and overcooked the chicken, etc, but in general I'm OK with the grill.
*Do you have a red white and blue: pair of earrings, scarf or pillow? Are you surprised the answer is no?
*Have you ever visited a country and not felt welcome as an American? I don't think so. I'm thinking of the last places outside the US we've been. In New Zealand we were very welcomed. Before that, we were in Canada and they're just so nice there. In Italy I think people saw me just as a tourist, didn't matter from where. Where else have we been? We were quite welcomed in Costa Rica. So, no.
*Name a historical fiction or non fiction book you love that takes place during a war- Brideshead Revisited.
*Name a State you want to visit . I've visited almost all of them, so I'll have to say North Dakota. I haven't been there, and our friends Joonghwa, Soojung and Jaden live there!

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kathy b said...

aww THanks for playing again . THere is a cute NOrth Dakota tourism commercial on around these parts often.