Monday, May 01, 2017

Quick Quora

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*Do you think I should add more fringe to the Fezzik kitten?|

SSomehow this got erased..but I think Fezzik is fine!

*Do you ‘trust’ superwash wool?

I tend to not treat my socks as precious, so yes, I do trust it but I also live with the consequences of it. Luckily if Tim's socks felt, then they tend to fit me. 

*Can you go to the Movies and not have popcorn?

We prefer to watch movies at home, and always have popcorn. Almost always.

*Do you close you eyes during certain scenes at the movies?
I have been known to do this, yes.

*What is one thing you simply couldn’t eat if a host made it for you for dinner?
This hasn't happened, but I don't think I could eat veal. I don't cook lamb (lambies!) or pork (although Tim does) but I will be polite and eat those. But veal, I think no.

*What is a pattern part that will keep you from knitting that pattern?
Hmm. Nothing probably, except if the lace is really really complicated then I probably won't sign on.

*Do you cook with flower petals and flowers?
No. This is almost as funny as last week's snood question.


kathy b said...

I do try very hard to amuse you all on Mondays with at least one goofy question! Glad you enjoyed.

KSD said...

I'm sort of the opposite (which is why the twinship works, I suppose) --- I can eat veal, but can't even really look at lamb.