Monday, May 15, 2017

Quite the Quora!

From Kathy!

*Did you get or give flowers this weekend, Mothers Day weekend?
I received lovely cards from the cats and the dogs and the bird. My mom got a card and cookies. So, no.

*Did you send your loved ones off with the same phrase every day?
No--I don't think so---"be careful" and "I love you" are often saiid though.

*Can you watch a commercial?  Or do you have to flip or speed through?
I teach advertising so I can watch commercials like a champ.

*How many blogs do you read regularly?
I have 60+ on my feedly list, but many are not active. I read much of what comes up, but I always read blogs from Kathy, twinnie, and others. So probably ten I read no matter once.

*Have you had a dream about knitting?
Yes, mostly anxiety or stress related dreams. 

*What is the total number of live stitches in your work bag now?
Counting in my head. 220 on the top, 68 on the socks, and probably 80 on the scarf. So about 400 or so.

*Name a meatless meal-
Burritos with rice, beans and cheese. 

*Number of times you have moved since you have been 21.
*Chips or popcorn?
Oh popcorn definitely. But if the choice was Fritos or popcorn it would be Fritos.

*Last piece of advice someone gave you that you didnt like!
Can't think of it but I"m sure it is out there!

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kathy b said...

OH Fritos are the BEST!!! !