Monday, May 08, 2017

Quora Time!

Kathy's Quora is better than coffee.  OK not really but I do look forward to Mondays and Kathy's questions.

*Do you prefer an analog or digital clock?
We have a digital alarm clock that I can't see (it is on Tim's side) because alarm clocks make me anxious. I like analog ones better. All my watches are analog.
*How good is your sense of direction?  (we are talking about times when you do not have your phone to use as a compass) (the good old days, of I say we go this way, and he says, nah we go this way)
Not that great. I can do cities with grids, that's about it.
*What do you like to knit in worsted weight yarn?
Cable sweaters.
*What was your favorite subject in school?
*Have you pulled weeds yet?
Yes, a few but I need to do more. Did a bit weed whack on Saturday.
*Do you figure out who you caught a cold from? (the blame game)
No---working at a University, everyone is sick all the time.
*Are you ripping out everything you knit this weekend?
Why no, Kathy, I'm not--are you?
*Do you have your appendix?
I do!
*Do you have your tonsils?
I don't! Nor my adenoids!
*What would you name a colorway today based on your morning weather?
Spring chill!

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