Monday, May 22, 2017

Quora Today

My blog friend Kathy lost her mom and the funeral is today. As a result, the Quora is a bit on the somber side.

*Do you have a favorite funeral song?
I like a good sung version of the 23rd psalm.
*I would stick a cigarette in my mom’s casket if I could.  Did you put anything in your loved ones’ casket with them?
I'd probably put in a necklace that Tim often wears, and maybe a bottle of beer. 
*I love that the Jewish tradition is to sit shiva.  Shiva is the first 7 days of mourning.  There is an Irish tradition called Month’s Mind where you go to mass and have a meal in the loved one’s honor a month after the death.  Do you know of other such rememberences?
I like the Jewish tradition of putting stones on a grave to 'keep the souls down'. 
*I’m probably going to plant something for mom in the woods or put out a special bird house or feeder in her honor.  Any other ideas?
I love the idea of planting something--as well as the bird house, maybe in her favorite colors? It would be a fancy house, I imagine. 
Sending so much love to Kathy today!

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kathy b said...

Kim, Thank you for the love and support. I feel it! I have not heard of stones on the grave tradition. Interesting. Im doing well this morning. YEsterday was tough, knowing I was not at the funeral.