Saturday, May 06, 2017

Saturday Saturday Saturday!

We had a few summer-like days during the week and then it turned cold and rainy yesterday.  Loyal readers of my blog will remember I was whining about a busy grading week and as of now, I have two papers left to grade, so I am winning the grading war.


I spent some time yesterday calculating the students' peer reviews of their presentations. I have every student rate every group presentation other than their own, and it always interests me how some groups generate a pretty high (or low) consistency in ratings from their peers, and others are all over the place. Anyway, I think this exercise helps students take a bit more ownership of their work.

I cast on for a new top yesterday, called "At the Seaside". It is a free pattern on Rav and I like it a lot. It is knit in the round and it is a bit fiddly to get it started (it is top down) but so far I like it. I'm using Rowan Calmer that has been in the stash and am shaking up the striping pattern a tiny bit:

I think this will end up very cute.

In other news, the second round of flowers are blooming. First--this is hard to see, I apologize--are the wisteria. This wisteria plant has been in our possession for years, and just began flowering last year. I'll try to take a few more pictures today because this is truly one of my favorites.

The Bleeding Hearts continue to co-exist with some dandelions (don't judge).

We are going to have another bumper crop year of digitalis (aka fox glove) and the first one has bloomed.

And one of my favorites are the columbine, but these are having a pretty slow start this year:

I (obviously) took too many of these before the sun got into the front yard (the front yard faces west) so will try again today if the sun is out later.


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kathy b said...

Oh I Love the gray and reds combo!!!! Love love love it. I think we saw wild columbine in the state park yesterday. Lushness abounded but the canopy was still open enough to see lots of blue sky!