Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What Day Is It?

I always get a bit confused during  Monday holiday weeks. Monday is usually my 'ten hours at school' day, so it was lovely to have a day yesterday where I didn't have to do that! Plus---the great countdown to the end of the term has begun. I have two classes left for each of my classes (yes, there are two weeks left. Yes, I am making liberal use of 'work days').

Tim was working a lot this weekend on his dissertation, so I did a lot of reading and knitting (and weeding). The first of the Spidey Socks is done:

The foot has little tiny spideys on it:

And the back has cables for the ribbing.

These are good socks. :-)

Plus, the reading results in the first two Bingo squares being x-ed out:

"Bird or Animal on the cover": Chaos Monkeys, about Silicon Valley. Monkey on cover.
"Latest book by an author you love": Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwang. He writes hysterical books about wealthy people in Asia. This is the third in a series, and they've all been good, over the top, and laugh out loud.


kathy b said...

Oh your spider socks are just so neat!!!!! I bet they were interesting to make! Happy almost done with school finish

KSD said...

Glorious, glorious socks.