Thursday, June 22, 2017


Well, my sheep was a bit more like a pig, but it is cute.
And I worked very hard!Look at that concentration!

Plus I was having an excellent hair day.

Tink looks good! She was laying in the sun so I couldn't see much happening with her belly but she seemed fine if a bit big. Her daughter, Georgia, came by to say hi as soon as I got to the farm.

Today I got the Hello Kitty manuscript out to a journal--and I had an idea about how to do the study using Europeans to see if there is a difference in responses among Europeans, so there's another paper right there.


kathy b said...

Kim!!! that sheep is to die for. I LOVE him. Did it hurt your hands? Was it difficult.? Did it seem like sewing? did you have to sew? I may have to try this craft..........I need answers!!!! I love yours

Kim in Oregon said...

Kathy you're so sweet--it was pretty straightforward: stabbing a special needle into hunks of wool for three hours. Mostly stabbing to felt it all, then stabbing to shape it, sort of like sculpting. It didn't seem like sewing at all and there was absolutely no sewing involved. Just stabbing. Endless stabbing.

KSD said...

Nice pinkies there! And lovely, lovely hair indeed.