Friday, June 02, 2017

Row row row

This post is about rows!

First, Tim got a new rowing machine (to replace the one I gave him years and years ago) and I tried it out today (well, I tried it out yesterday and it seemed to go fine). Today after I finished I feel sick to my stomach, and I'm wondering if I'm sea sick? I googled it and it appears that it can be a Thing. I need to focus my gaze and not let me head wander around.

I worry this will not bode well for my future on the rowing machine.

I'm also wondering if I tried the machine before and gave up for the same problem.

We'll give it another try next week and see what happens.

Next, I'm doing well on the drop stitch shawl, as another tier of rows with dropped stitches has been added.

These all don't fit on the needle now--there's about 310 stitches and there's one more set of increases which will add another 150 or so and that will be tight.

But it continues to be a fun knit.

So I need a third row so this post matches my title. Maybe I'll just mention that the dogs and I are sitting in a row on the sofa as I write this: Comet, Me, Pilot.


kathy b said...

Bummer with the sea sickness. Al got ill on our boat ride last weekend. it was very choppy out. At one point she and I left the boat group and went up and sat at a bar with a view until her stomach settled. Next time dramamine the night before for sure! I was suprised I did not get sick. Im prone to it. Love your drop stitches!

kayT said...

I'm working on Koi Pond, mostly because of being inspired by your pictures and notes when you made it. I'd love to hear how you dealt with the excess of ends. (Aaaaagh) Got any wise words for me? (I know this comment doesn't belong here but I have no idea if one can comment on old posts or if you read said comments so..)

Kim in Oregon said...

Yes, so so so so many ends. I just sucked it up and wove them all in during one rainy two hour period. But it is worth it!

kayT said...

Did you do duplicate stitch or just weave where you could? And, how many stitches did you weave in, assuming a change in direction? Like, 4 one way and back 3 or? (inquiring minds want to know) I just did all the ends I have so far (I'm up to 80 stitches, so lots of ends) and found when I had to do two ends into the two-row pattern stitch rows it was difficult, so I didn't do very many stitches. You?

Kim in Oregon said...

I definitely do the back and forth---three or 4 stitches each way!

kayT said...