Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Spider Socks

Sometimes you just have to put your head down and think "I may be bored with that but whatever, just focus and finish them."

Well, in regards to knitting. And I think books sometimes?

So the Spider Socks are (almost) done:

It is hard to see, but I did a mirror-image on the little spiders on the foot. Wow, these need a good blocking. Plus, I have lots of weaving in to do on these (little spiders on the foot) and I got a bad kitchener on the toes so I have to reinforce.

I finished "The Identicals" by Elin Hildenbrand (sp?) and it was good but went on too long (see above).

Tim leaves tomorrow for a week in St. Louis. I don't have too many plans other than buying and planting plants, doing some felting on the rocks, cleaning out the closet, visiting Tink, and knitting and reading. And work (although I'm not very  motivated, what a surprise). Yesterday I had to re-do the reference formatting in the Hello Kitty paper and had some catching up to do on the journal that I deputy edit. So that's all done.


kathy b said...

You'll miss Tim I suspect. You two seem to have a good thing going. LOVE your spidey socks YOU are a talent
Tink tink tink I want to hear more about our girl!

KSD said...

Somethimes that plowing ahead does work for me. Other times, whatever I'm trying to get through then becomes a chore, and The Giving Up is almost immediate.