Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The waiting game

Final papers are due in one hour and 40 minutes and I'm sitting on the sofa, playing computer games and watching the Sessions testimony. It is another cool and grey day so it is fine to be cozied up with the dogs and a bunch of congresspeople.

The morning rays shawl blocked out nicely--

It gained about 50% in size and the dropped stitches look good. The picot bind off seems pretty good---I didn't do any specific blocking for the picot but the beads, I believe, weighted it down while it was hanging over the shower shawl (yep, some fancy pants blocking for me) and I like it a lot.

As I'm very close to the end of the term, I've started thinking about summer stuff! I have a book to finish up as well as a book chapter to write, and two or three research projects to wrap up. I want to focus on doing a lot of decluttering around the house. And of course, thinking about the new house and some of the details that will happen there.

And the knitting! I have a cable sweater (Kildalton) that I started a long time ago that I want to get back to. I also want to knit The Oa and I have the yarn for that too---I just have to decide whether to do a black background or a white background. There will also be socks knit.

I'm taking a needle felting class next week and it is also the Black Sheep Gathering and I'm looking forward to that too.

But now, I just want to finish grading!


kathy b said...

I am so excited to see your needle felting. I really want to try it if you have a good experience!

kathy b said...

oh and your shawl is amazing