Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Catch Up

It has been a happy few days here---and I appreciate all your goodwishes and how warmly you've welcomed the Duke of Calypso to the world.

He says thank you too!

He's doing great.  Tink is a great mom--Ann texted that she kept him out of the sun all afternoon (it was close to 100 yesterday and is supposed to stay that way for the next few days). He seems to be a brave and inquisitive little guy, and will venture a bit far afield from Tink (like 10 feet) to explore before he goes 'hip hopping' back to her (he does look like a little bunny sometimes).

He's gained a pound over the past few days--crias are expected to double their weight in the first month and he was almost 19 pounds when he was born so he needs to gain about 3/4 of a pound a day.

Tink is doing fine--she's eating and drinking and scolding the other girls who try to get too close.

Right now, Tink and Calypso are hanging  out with three of the older girls but Tink misses being in a big pasture with the herd, so Ann is slowly introducing one of the other girls to the group each day. Then, Tink can keep an eye on Calypso and keep the new girl from getting too inquisitive. Plus, sometimes Calypso gets a bit confused as to where his snack is coming from.

A few words on his name:
  • Many alpacas (especially boys) have 'honorifics' such as  Captain or Sir so I decided Calypso would be a Duke.
  • I wanted a name that showed bravery and adventure.
  • Calypso came from two sources. First, it is in honor of the eclipse which is happening in a few weeks. 
  • Second, at the start of the John Denver song about the Calypso (Jacques Cousteau's boat) there are bells. Bells. Tinkerbell. 
AND there is also a song called the Duke of Calypso.

That one isn't as good.

In other news, I have been knitting (surprise) and Cubetcha is coming along--

It's about 3/8 of the way done.

I read "The Lying Game" by Ruth Ware and it was good. She's a good writer if you like kind of dark intense mystery books.

Off to the farm this morning with my bucket of apples that I take out from my morning gleaning in the neighborhood park.


kathy b said...

He's adorable. 19 pounds? Fezzik is a bit more than 19 pounds. What?

I love your name choice. Thanks for the explanation. I love that it is solar eclipse related!
Keep those photos coming.

AND YOU KNIT! you are amazing KIm

KSD said...

His markings are so wonderful. Hug him for Auntie Twin, would ya?