Sunday, August 20, 2017

Eclipse Quora

Kathy once again has questions for us!

*Are you watching the Solar Eclipse today? Yes! I'm going to the farm to watch what the alpacas do in the dark.
*What is the most expensive yarn you’ve heard of? Alaskan yak--we saw it in a store ten years ago (in Alaska) for $200 (I think)
*What is the most difficult knitting technique that you have tried or won’t even try? Brioche. I'm not good at it and just don't get it!
*Have you ever had a venus fly trap plant? No!
*Has a neighbor shared from their garden this year? Ann at the farm keeps a garden and I've brought home yummies from there (and put them in a shepherd's pie). And neighbors brought by apples for the allpacas.
*Do you like to eat sunflower seeds?  (roasted, salted, chocolate covered? any ? All?) Frankly, it isn't anything I've ever thought about it.
*Which technique did I use for my beaded bag bottom? I'm eager to hear!
*How many football fields of yarn yardage are you currently knitting a project with? It's summer, Kathy, I don't do math.
*A carnival and festivities were part of this weekend.  When was the last time you had a corn dog?I'm not sure if I've ever had one.
*Did you knit as much as you wanted this weekend, ? More than ? Less than? More--mostly due to the fact that Tim left right after lunch to head north for the eclipse. 

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kathy b said...

You are too funny. I used the cut a margarine lid sides off and cover in felt bottom bag technique. WOrked like a charm!~!