Friday, August 18, 2017

Fleecey Friday

I took photos of my almost three-week old boy today--I took some videos but it was so bright I couldn't tell that the videos were on time lapse so they are a bit odd--I'll post them later.

But here he is (I was sitting on the ground at his level):

Here are some when Tink was looking at me very close up and he looks teeny tiny (he's not!):

The alpacas got to go to the 'big' field today (they haven't been there for about a month---Ann doesn't want a baby born down there because it is challenging to find them) and there was a lot of playing (I have it in time lapse. And slo mo). It was a lot of fun for a little guy, resulting in this:

And finally, here is photographic evidence that I'm pretty comfortable being around alpacas and they're starting to get comfortable with me. This is Chanel.

I'm feeding her an apple. I watched Ann do this a lot before I tried it today. It is a bit disconcerting. I think that is Lacie observing.


elns said...

I love the photos. The little has such a personality you can see in his photos. It's cool seeing him next to Lacie for scale. I dunno about that apple feeding method. You're REALLY comfortable, hehe. I'm nervous from here!

Caffeine Girl said...

I got your package in the mail! Now I feel I can find a few quiet minutes to open yours to me!
Very brave on the apple-feeding!

rosy said...

Yes! I admire your trust with the apple!
This is a lovely post. Thank you.