Sunday, August 06, 2017

Just a few...

...more pictures of Calypso, as well as some of the boys, as well as my man, and knitting. OK?

Tim and I went out to the farm yesterday, and we joined a few farm visitors to admire the handsome young Duke of Calypso. Tink still has on her 'maternity' bandana but it might help Calypso find her in a sea of brown alpaca aunties, so she'll probably keep it on for a bit. Notice here that Tink has white chin markings, similar to Calypso's black chin markings.

He's gained a few pounds in his first week of life and shows all the signs of being a healthy boy. Dr. Pat, the area's camelid vet based in Corvallis, will be visiting soon to do a new cria examination, including taking some blood so we can register him with the alpaca registry. His blood contains, of course, his DNA so his lineage is available for tracing.

He scampers around a lot, and tries to get the Aunties to play with him. They hang out with all the females now--the ladies have all checked him out and apparently don't tend to mess with him. He is a brave little guy---yesterday we saw him wander a bit away from Tink, who always seemed to know where he was. He had a tiny little look of concern when he realized how far away he was from her but then found her and was back to his happy self.

Tim took a lot more pictures, as soon as he uploads them I'll share them with you.

I've been taking out a bucket of apples every day. Our neighborhood used to be an apple orchard and the small park two houses down from us still has a few apple trees left. Unfortunately, the bad ice storm too some of them down but a few still remain. The apples are hard and green and probably sour but alpacas seem to enjoy them.

This is Tim standing in front of Kokopelli, Calypso's father.

Tim is a popular guy with the alpacas since he carved slices off the apples to make them easier to eat.

The horrifically hot weather broke Friday night--this morning we had breakfast on the patio and I had to put on a sweater when the sun went behind the clouds.

This is getting close to being done--I have three little balls left and the third ball is for the bind off, so really only two more balls to knit on the main portion of the scarf.

It is hard to see the cubes. Here is a fuzzy close up:

That's not much better. Anyway, stay tuned.

When I'm not staring lovestruck at Calypso, I'm working on a few projects---mostly taking care of my Deputy Editor duties for the Journal of Marketing Communication and doing some of the academic reading that's been piling up. I did finish "The Lying Game" (did I tell you?) which was good.

Enjoy Sunday, and see you tomorrow for QUORA!

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