Monday, August 07, 2017

Quora: it starts with a skirt

  • I didn’t go to Stitches Midwest, but Kathy's friend Karen did. She saw this creation.   Would you knit and wear this skirt? I would neither knit it nor wear it, but you go right ahead.
  • Have you knitted or crocheted with beads? Yes. I've knitted with yarn that has the beads strung on, I've strung on beads, and I've done the teeny tiny crochet hook method. I like me some beads.
  • Do you wear eye shadow? Maybe once a year.
  • Do you like when men grow their hair long? I live in Oregon, so my definition of long may be different from yours. I'm OK with it. I'm not crazy about man buns.
  • Where do you get most of your knit/crochet project inspiration from? Ravelry and blogs.
  • What color are your toenails painted now? With invisible polish.
  • How do you store your knitted/crocheted gifts until you give them? I wrap them up when they're done so they don't get dirty
  • The name of the last lake or river,   you saw or visited is? Did I see the Willamette today? Probably not. I saw it yesterday on a long walk with dogs.
  • Elephant ears, lemon whip or shaved ice at the fair? Shaved ice (but I don't know what lemon whip is).
  • The last adult beverage you drank was a: Hard cider with plums in it. TIm brought it home from the market this evening. It was good!

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kathy b said...

Always love your playing along with Q and A . Man buns made me laugh lady!
Glad you love the bead thing, I am liking it a lot.
Im learning from everyones river and lake answers I m geographically challenged