Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Selfies and Swaps

I definitely want to name a blog that.

Anyway--I posted this selfie on FB:

This is Ann on the left (she owns the farm) and Catalina in the middle (and me). Catalina is one of the most photogenic alpacas at the farm--she has a gorgeous face and she adores attention.

I love this picture, because it shows how beautiful Ann is--she is beautiful inside and out and loves the alpacas so much! She is teaching me a lot this summer and I'm so fortunate to be able to learn from her.

It is not that easy to get a selfie with the Duke of Calypso:

I'll try for some better ones. He doesn't like to hold still, he has a lot to do.

My swap package arrived from my swap partner Deb at Caffeine Girl Creates.
Amazing surprises, including a hand made potholder (love), a handmade (pretty sure?) card (love), handmade earrings and stitch marketers, a coffee pin, Godiva chocolate, and then this adorable little knit kit (it is the tin with the buttons). There's all kinds of little knitting necessities in there. I love it! Everything is just perfect and so me! Thank you Deb! Thank you Kathy for organizing the swap and matching us up!

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kathy b said...

I thought you PRofessors would match up well. YOU DID! I LOVE earrings lady! I've been after some for a bit!!! Love the selfies too