Tuesday, August 29, 2017

So so smoky

We're under our third day of unhealthy air quality because of the combination of wildfires and hot temperatures and whatever happens in air patterns that suck the smoke into the Willamette Valley. It doesn't affect me breathing wise but it does make me feel a bit nauseous at times. Luckily the alpacas don't seem to care.

We are slowly adjusting to our new life without our Stella--taking care of her needs three times a day was ingrained into our lives and now that is all gone. It is astonishing how those patterns get in your muscle memory.

There has been knitting, but not as much as expected, but I have gotten going on this:

 It is the "Dots" shawl by Casapinka. I do love a Casapinka shawl pattern.
It uses two yarns, and I'm using the Hawthorne yarn by Knit Picks. 

Other than that, worry about Houston, North Korea, and the rest of the world. Let us have receding floodwaters and peace.


elns said...

I like the colors in the shawl pattern a lot. I'm sorry about the air quality. Yikess. Then again that sort of sums up the state of the world right now. Yes a bit of peace is much needed.

KSD said...

Casapinka is THE shawl designer, don't you think? Amazing. And, somehow, these colors remind me of Stella.

kathy b said...

Furry grief is hard. Big hugs to you. I love your dots color choices.