Thursday, August 10, 2017

Up and At 'Em!

I feel good today--I pretty much hit the wall yesterday at 8am, went to bed, and slept straight through til a little after 5am, and then Pilot and I took a nap til a bit after 6. Today is a bit of a busy day (for me, in the summer), and includes a vet visit for Pilot at 9:15 and then a vet visit for this little guy at 1pm:

 The alpaca vet lives in Corvallis (50 minute drive) and schedules a group of visits in our area when needed. There was another cria born at a nearby farm right before Calypso so he is probably going to go out there as well. That way, we share the costs of his travel. He'll draw some blood so we can register the Duke of Calypso with the Alpaca Owners Association.

Pilot is just getting his annual check up.

So in knitting news, this yarn is sparkly yarn from socks that rock:

And I'm knitting it into a cowl (well, it is really a scarf but I'll join the ends to make a cowl):

 It is a faux cable pattern that is used in the Stroma shawl (and I'm guessing in other patterns as well) and it is a fun and straightforward pattern.

Have a wonderful day!


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Cute Alpaca. Is Pilot the larger one ? Your post reminded me of the two skeins of STR I have left. Love that color. Looking forward to seeing your cowl.

Kim in Oregon said...

Hi--Pilot is one of my dogs and not in the picture. The larger one is Calypso's mom, Tinkerbell, who is one of my alpacas too.