Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Life has been nice and busy and this is one of my favorite times of the year--we still have a month of vacation left while many other schools are already going back. It is always hard in May when colleagues at other schools are shouting "Happy Summer"from their FB feeds and wishing me a restful and productive break while I just finished midterms.

Anyway. Our contracts don't start for another month, and classes don't start for about six weeks and I plan to enjoy it all! I'm kind of in the mindset that I've done some stuff this summer, I've done everything that can be done on the stuff I've committed to, so anything extra is gravy.

Because this guy takes up a lot of time:

And then there's knitting: the front of the fair isle.


kathy b said...

Love the photos. Keep loving that well deserved time off. Im sick to my tummy that schools about to start and I dont even have any kids in my house. BUt I Have that wonderful son who teaches, and he's headed back to school end of month . Sigh.
Cria love keeps making me smile.
Nice Fair isle lady

elns said...

What a cutie! Love the photos. That last one feels so, "why, hello to you too!"

Enjoy that time off. I fully endorse embracing the good stuff, the gravy the good times, YOUR time.