Sunday, September 03, 2017

And we're blocking!

I finished the second sleeve last night and gave the four pieces a good soak. Then I blocked as per my Twinnie's special method:

One piece on top of the other. So on the left hand side are the front and the back, and the right hand side are the sleeves.

The front and back have to match up perfectly, and from what I can tell this will be achieved. I had the exact same row count (with patterned pieces like this, getting them exactly the same was much easier than other projects) and this looks like it might be a perfect fit.

And here is my Lazy Knitter Secret about the sleeves. I finished the second sleeve last night after having to repeat a few of the patterns more than once, bound it off, and held it next to the first sleeve.

At first glance, it was exactly the same. And then it wasn't. The second sleeve was a bit shorter than the first. And guess where I made a mistake? The big section of black with white flecks. The second sleeve has fewer pattern repeats of that section.

Right in the middle of the damn sleeve.

I couldn't sleep last night trying to figure out my options. They were:

1. Unravel from the bindoff, add an extra section of repeats in the sleeve, and then knit the patterns at the top. Pros: would be exactly the same. Cons: I have already knit a couple of the patterns at the top over and over because of errors, and didn't know if I have the heart/patience to do it again. But clearly this choice is what a 'good' knitter would do.

2. Unravel from the bottom cast on to the beginning of the big black section. Then, separately, knit the ribbing and the pattern and the missing pattern, and then kitchener this to the existing section. Pros: probably a bit quicker than 1. Cons: the kitchener would probably look like crap.

3. Cut into the sleeve, separating the ribbing and pattern from the big black section, and then just knit 12 rows of the pattern and then find a way to join the three pieces (bottom of the sleeve, top of the sleeve, and the new piece) together. Pros: easiest to knit. Cons: I am insane if I do this.

4. Block the sleeves and see if you can 'gain' a bit of length with the shorter sleeve. By the time I finally went to sleep, though, of course the shorter sleeve was like a foot shorter (in my head) and I was sure this wouldn't work.

When I looked at the sleeves this morning, I figured I would give #4 a try because I can always do #1 or #2 at a future date) and I think it will work. Shh, don't tell anyone.

I am not a good cook, but here is my recipe suggestion: put about 2 T of olive oil in a pan. Then add chopped tomatoes from your garden (or Dominique's garden, if you're at my house), fresh basil from your (Dominque's) garden, chopped up onions and garlic, and let it simmer for about 15 minutes til the tomatoes are liquidy. Then add fresh spinach (and scallops if you need protein) and cook it about 8 minutes more. Serve in bowls with pasta and cheese. I used 3 tomatoes and a big handful of basil and spinach for the two of us. I salted the pasta water but didn't use any spices in the sauce. It was heavenly.

And oh yes.

Calypso, Juliaca (isn't she pretty), Tinkerbell and Catalina (who may be pregnant). And half of Tim.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet all block out your sleeves will be just fine.

Poor Tim ............he only gets HALF a show.

KSD said...

And. . . oh, yeah. Tim. Whatever.