Monday, September 04, 2017

Cast on!

I mentioned I'm joining the I Heart Fall KAL at Dee's blog and I was supposed to cast on on September 1 (or maybe that was the earliest cast on date? There are Rules. I should read them). Well, I cast on last night for Nutkin with a few alterations (does that count? Must. Read. Rules).
  1. I'm doing them toe-up.
  2. I'm mirroring the pattern as opposed to having the pattern be consistent.
I think #2 may help with some of the twisty issues some people report. I think it will just look better.

Pics or it didn't happen:

Very very smoky again today:

 That's Calypso this morning with no filter--just yellow air around him.

Hopefully the smoke will blow out tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

There aren't a whole lot of rules and you're well within ALL of them. No problems! LOL

I didn't even cast on on the first. (I had some lingering WIPS to finish first).

The only rule that you need to know from here is that the KAL ends on Nov. 22 and the prize winner will be drawn from random number generator on the 23rd.

Hope you have a clearer day soon. UGH --- smoky air is NOT FUN!

P.S. the little alpaca is too cute!

KSD said...

It would never have occurred to me to mirror that pattern. Good on ya!