Monday, September 25, 2017

First Day of School QUORA

*Did you have a hangout spot as a teen? Not really. I spent a lot of time at my friend Ricky's house though.
*Why did you choose the shirt you have on today? A white tank--needed a tank underneath a lightweight sweater
*What bill do you hate paying the most?  Phone. We need to get rid of our ladline.
*Do you prefer a zipped project bag?  I tend to keep all my projects scattered around the house  strategically placed where I can find them.
*Tell us about your favorite buttons you added to a project….I took a class in button making and those are fun.
*Shawls often list a wingspan for their results.  What’s your preferred wingspan?  I don't really have one, sorry.
*The shawl I’m knitting has a picot edge bind off.  Do you have a favorite bind off? Icord bind off.
*What is the age of the oldest  bride you know of?  (it can be a second marriage or the like) No one is coming to mind, I was 37 which seemed very old at the time.
*Do you order something if it is on backorder? Depends how badly I want it.
*Advice. …..are you a fan or not? I plead the 5th.


kathy b said...

we got rid of our landline over a year ago. Our lives were no different , well, improved actually. NO political calls and a one less bill to pay!

Anonymous said...

Phone bills are crazy!!! But, I guess one must have a phone to survive these days.

No landline for us either.