Thursday, September 28, 2017

In the pool

This is a plain old toe-up sock that I knit on in the car during our trip to the Hood Canal and in the faculty retreat. One is done. There is a lot of pooling. That pretty much sums up the sock.

We are having a brief burst of Indian summer which is nice. It was a bit of a disconnect then when I dropped by the Trader Joe's after running an errand to the mortgage office to see Pumpkin Everything. I bought pumpkin biscottis though. These have pumpkin puree in them (apparently many things that are called "Pumpkin Spice" are EXACTLY that--just the spices in pumpkin pie. Oops!).

We have the opening night of the Symphony tonight and are looking forward to it.

Trying to get back on a schedule after my lovely summer off.  Just to recap my knitting projects:
1. Need to finish the neckline on black and white sweater and weave in ends.
2. Need to finish the sleeve on the cable cardigan and weave in ends.
3. NUTKIN! Must Nutkin!
4. The sparkly blue scarf. That one is almost done.
5. The beaded scarf that is sitting in the knitting bag.
6. Citron (I have watermelon colored yarn)
7. Silver Storm (I"m sure I have some pretty yarn for this)
8 Glaswegian I've already cast on for this. The yarn is--interesting.
9. I have to find some cable socks to knit because I love cables. Any ideas?
10. Those little baby bonnets (must finish baby bonnets).

That's enough right?


Anonymous said...

Oh my ...Glaswegian is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

kathy b said...

I have a question. IF you post a link is it not a copyright issue then?

You can never have too many knit projects in my book. I tend to be solitary and monogamous, but I have a few things on needles that I am not ready to frog yet....

Kim in Oregon said...

Hi Kathy! As the links are to a pattern page on Rav and not the pattern itself, then I don't think there are any copyright issues.

elns said...

Personally, I love the way the sock yarn is pooling. It's got personality. I'm feeling it.

I find your knit list inspiring!