Sunday, September 03, 2017

Labor Day Q+A

Happy Labor Day! Kathy's quora is labor themed today.

*Name a favorite current or past co-worker: I had a crazy coworker in Boston named Louise--a chain smoking Southie who taught me how to speak my mind. I named my bunny Louise after her (rest in peace Louise the bunny).

*What is your dream yarn themed job? Naming colorways!

*Do you go to a yarn shop where the Employees seem like your friends? Not really.

*What was your first paid job?  How much did you earn hourly? My first real non-family consistent job was a gift wrapper at Marshall Fields while I was in college. I made $3.25 an hour. I also got a big discount at the store.

*Did computer technology make your job easier or harder? Much much much much easier.

*Did you mother work outside the home? Yes, she worked 3 days a week as soon as I turned 3. She was an architect.

*If you could knit for pay what would you choose to knit?  (lets assume you get paid an outrageous amount!) Probably socks.

*IF ____________( yarn related company)  went out of business, I’d be sad. I'll say Miss Babs, although I'm sad whenever I hear a yarn company goes under.


Anonymous said...

Good answers!!!

Miss Babs is great yarn. Yeah, I'd be sad if there was no Miss Babs too.

kathy b said...

Louise sounds like a blast!!!!! I think I'd love to name colorways too. Almost as much as raising angora bunnies. I have never, (gasp) Miss Babbed!