Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Labored Day

Labor Day was a day of work for us, which is kind of fine. The air quality this weekend has been hazardous for most of the weekend--HAZARDOUS!   "Health warnings of emergency conditions. The entire population is more likely to be affected."

The air has been yellow; driving to the farm Monday morning all the cars had their lights on. It is supposed to be getting a little better over the next few days, but it is really awful. It is all due to wildfires which basically are covering Eastern Oregon. Good times.

So here is what I accomplished on Labor Day:
1. Two mile walk with Tim and dogs
2. Sent individualized marketing emails to colleagues around the country for our new Master's program.
3. Deputy Editor work--assigning a revise and resubmit to a paper
4. Collected apples
5. Visited alpacas and distributed said apples
6. Grocery shopping
7. More apple collection
8. Read chapters and developed class discussion classes on said chapters.
9. Set up one of my classes on Canvas
10. Cleaned out the car that we're taking on vacation.
11. Started seaming this.

It takes a bit of concentration. But the sleeve problem should be barely noticeable.  I have teh shoulders  together and half of one sleeve set in.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a VERY productive Labor Day.

Hope the firefighters get a handle on your fires soon. So sad that so much is buring.

We went through it in the spring and a friend almost lost her house. The wildfire burned right up to the grass line in her back yard.

kathy b said...

Sure don't want the baby Calypso breathing yucky air. Or Tink . Or YOU!!!
Your sweater is amazing Kim. You are a very very skilled knitter.
I picked tree apples and brought them to the barn too. Little green/red apples but the horses aren't picky.