Thursday, September 07, 2017

Nutkin update

I'm finished with the pattern on the foot--
and while I really like this yarn, I'm not sure it is the best Nutkin yarn. I like the colors though. I will carry on.

I think I missed my Blogaversery (sp?) with all the excitement over Calypso. It was August 2 and that marks 13 years of this blog. Golly. That's a lot of blog. I've met some great people and had a lot of fun and will keep blogging until they rip blogger from my digital cold dead hands.


Anonymous said...

It DOES look like the pattern is a bit obscured.

Happy blog-o-versary. WOW! 13 years is a good, long run. Hope you have many more years of blogging!

KSD said...

I thought that was a hat.

elns said...

You're going toe up huh? I can't get myself to do it, one of these days when I have the strength to use more of my brain cells and try out new techniques. I like the colorway, it's fun. I will take fun when and wherever I can. But I am dying over here from your comment about ripping blogger out of your digital cold dead hands. LOL. I know that I should probably use different UI, but I can't go changing now? Cheezus, the work for that and I'm cruisin' along just fine right now, you know? and yeah it's fun.

Happy Blogaversary! I always enjoy a visit :)