Tuesday, September 26, 2017

One arm

I need to finish stuff.

So this is the cable sweater whose name I don't remember. It has one sleeve finished and the second one is on its way. It is somewhat soothing to do this, I had to put it away when it got hot this summer because of all that wool sitting on me but now it is cooler so it's better.

Classes started yesterday. I really don't want to go into details on this blog about my job and where I work but let's just say--you can cut the tension with a machete. Or a plastic knife.

I  went out to see Calypso today to calm down a little bit. He's a wonderful little guy.


kayT said...

I have a sweater almost exactly that color which has both sleeves knitted (along with the body) but not sewn in. For 18 months. If you finish yours please put some pictures in the blog; maybe it will inspire me to SEW IN THE DAMN SLEEVES! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than our sweet animals to make the day all better.

Your sweater is beautiful ...that blue is going to look stunning on you.

kathy b said...

Job tension stinks. I hope it resolves without drama.
I LOVE your complicated knits lady!
and Calypso is just the right cure