Saturday, September 30, 2017

One Nutkin

Yep, the pattern is totally and completely lost. You can tell from the bottom of the foot (lower picture) that there's some type of pattern going on, but not really.

But the yarn is a great color for the fall, and i love the little white flecks in it as well (and how nicely it matches the counter!). So I'll work the other one and have a lovely pair of fall socks, probably before Halloween.

Week 1 is over, and it was Not Good, but much was accomplished---I finished three out of four chapters for a book I committed to, and revised a chapter for another book, so I'm ahead of my game right now.

We attended a good symphony concert on Thursday. The second half was a great Tchaikowsky (will go google now to see how off I am on the spelling). Wait one sec.

OK I almost had it: Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 4.

Last night we watched a good movie called "The Big Sick". Rent it. You'll like it too.

And this morning I had a little time to spend with this independent young man.

I did get a few lovely cuddles in.


Anonymous said...

The sock is a perfect fall color. You might be surprised how well the pattern shows when you have it on your foot.

Hope week two is better for you.

kathy b said...

I love your sock. It will look awesome on the foot. Allison loved the BIG SICK. I have it on my list to watch. After CUBS ...

elns said...

Your fall colors are fantastic. I love how you've got a fall theme going on, on the page as well.

For a not good week you've gotten a lot done, so I think that's pretty awesome. Way to stay ahead of the game where you can. I have The Big Sick on my list too. :)