Saturday, September 02, 2017


I always have vague knitting plans but rarely have deadlines for knitting. That's probably why I always have a bunch of things on the needles. But I have two projects with deadlines that I wanted to share with you--they're both in the early early stages.

First, I'm going to join the I (heart) fall KAL at Dee's blog. The official start date was yesterday, and the deadline is 11/22. I"m going to do Nutkin because why not, and here is the yarn I'm using:

 It is from Fab  Funky Fibers and it is filled with autumn colors--red and orange and really really dark blue and white specks. It reminds me of a campfire in the fall (since we can't have campfires here because half of the whole state is on fire).

The second project(s) will be two Twister Bonnets and I think these will be fast to knit up. One of my co-authors, Mike, and his wife Natalie are having twin girls in a few weeks (hence deadline). I think mid-October is when they think they'll be here. Elizabeth and Charlotte (beautiful names!). So they will each get a bonnet made out of this:

It is pink cotton, and since they live in TExas that should work for them. Here's hoping the pattern is as lickety split as I think it will be!


Caffeine Girl said...

The sock yarn is gorgeous! It seems like a number of people are knitting Nutkin this fall. The comments on Ravelry have made me hesitant to knit this, even though I love the pattern. I'll see how it goes for all of you!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you joined up. Your sock yarn looks a lot like what I am using.

Congrats to your co-author on the twins....those bonnets will be adorable.

Happy knitting.

kathy b said...

OH campfires! That's fall autumn perfection . Fun fun fun
Baby hats...are always the bomb.