Monday, September 18, 2017

Quora Plus

The plus is a brand new picture of you-know-who:

Oh, and did you want a video of him eating hay? I can do that!
And now on to the Quora!

*Did you have troll dolls?   I did! I even had a troll house where they lived--it was a suitcase-like structure that opened up and the whole house was there.

*When was the last time you said, ‘Oh I can make that for a lot less” I know I've said this, but not sure when. I know that we had a similar conversation on vacation--the house we rented was on an oyster beach, and we were at a fish store buying things for cioppino and were buying some oysters even though we could have gone down to the beach and got them. However, beach oysters are not as easy to harvest as plucking the out of the tub at Hama Hama Seafood.

*What has been your most difficult knit or crochet project this year? The black and white fair isle, probably. It just took concentration.

*Have you ever broken a toe? Probably. I'm very uncoordinated.

*Name a children’s author or picture book you love- E. L. Konigsburg. "From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler"

*Who is the last cousin you have seen or had contact with?  (third cousins twice removed still count) Christmas cards from second cousins.

*Name a blog you will visit today-Kathy's blog!

*When was the last time you read a nutrition label? I read them pretty  much all the time as we try to eat low salt whenever possible.

*What is the last thing you used change (coins)  for? I remember distinctly that Tim paid cash for something when we were on vacation--I just can't remember what. OH it was at the Liliwaup store and we were buying breakfast for our last day.

*Do you have a digital antennae? NO? I don't even know what that is.


kathy b said...

Oh I loved The Mixed up Files! Great memory prompt for me.
Your black and white fair isle was amazing. Dizzying amazing
Calypso. Also black and white.....also amazing.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwww....that little baby couldn't get any cuter.

My son loved the Mixed Up Files too.