Friday, September 08, 2017

Wrapping it up

We head out for a week to Hood Canal tomorrow so today is kind of a nutty-get-ready-to-go day. I have all the big details taken care of and now just need to clean and pack (what other details were involved? Stopping mail, writing checks, stopping the paper, setting the timers on the light, arranging the pet sitter, and finishing this:

 and while I have it all seamed, I haven't yet decided what exactly to do about the collar or to weave in ends:

So. Many. Ends.

I was out at the farm saying goodbye to my boy today. He's almost 40 pounds. I'll have a few surprise posts when we're gone to remind you how cute he is. But for now:


Anonymous said...

Your sweater looks wonderful. That's going to be SO warm this winter.

KSD said...

What are your collar options?

(That is a whale of a sentence, when you stop and think about it.)

kathy b said...

Aye calypso!!! Is he real or is he a little mirage of lovely, cute and fluff? HAve a great trip

Caffeine Girl said...

That is a gorgeous sweater! It has a very traditional and wintery design that is beautiful.