Tuesday, November 07, 2017

A few more rows

On Glaswegian

I'm writing this this morning waiting for the sun to come up and for it to be a bit warmer so I can take the dogs out. Tim is in Bend for  few days, and I usually get up early when he's gone; in addition, I had bad insomnia Sunday night (I slept for maybe 3 hours) and so was exhausted by the middle of the afternoon yesterday. I basically lay on the couch, knitting on Liab, making booboos on Liab, and then went to bed around 8. I sort of remember reading but couldn't tell you exactly what. Anyway, I went to sleep around 8:45 or so, was up again at 1:30 for about an hour (why? why?) and then went back to sleep til Pilot decided it was time to get up at about 6:15.

Glaswegian still goes slowly, but I finished the first 'hunk' of white and green and now am on to a white, green and yellow hunk. I did one set of decreases (and it decresed the yoke a lot, there were I believe two decreases for every 13 stitches) so I think it will go more quickly now. I"m maybe 25% done with the yoke, maybe 30%, but still have a lot to do.

OK it is a bit lighter out so I might bundle up and walk the pups. Have a good day!


kathy b said...

I love that yoke. WOw. IM sorry you are not sleeping well. it will get better. It is hard because you are working...that's tough

Anonymous said...

The colorwork is looking lovely.